Sam Octigan “What You Can’t Forget.”

Australian artist Sam Ocitgan (Previously on Supersonic) has a solo show, “What You Can’t Forget,” opening April 10th at Just Another Project Space in Melbourne, Australia.  The body of work deals with thoughts about history repeating itself and what justice might really mean.  Keep reading for more work from the show and a glimpse into Octigan’s studio as well as a video:

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I’m guessing she’s satirizing the lyrics of the song… It’s a beautiful song for sure, and I like Lana’s version too, but the lyrics are really disturbing! A woman defining herself completely in terms of a man, measuring the entire worth of her life by her relationship, and desperately doing anything the man wants to cling to his love? The woman in the song has really imprisoned herself in a miserable existence, like Amanda with her bound wrists and depressed, blank expression.



Artist on tumblr - Thomas Saliot born 1968 is a French artist living in Marrakech and Paris.

I paint and travel for the last 20 years…
I work « free hand » from photos i find all over the web. It is a bit in the spirit of a blog (terrible word) where i use icomic images like snapshot of our centuries.

I try to do with paintings what Ian Fleming did with literature…